Mission & Vision

Organization’s Objectives

Our mission to focusing on children’s educational support and distribution of books, notebooks, cloths, uniforms, stationary items for the poor children’s.

To enhance Women Empowerment, through the provision of basic education and training to women in
poverty-stricken areas, regardless of their social or economic status.

To enable students to develop as intellectually alive, morally upright, socially responsible citizen
with a positive attitude, ever ready for continuous personal and professional Growth.

Our village are main source of daily food. We are trying to develop village for more better future and resource of future food.

Farmer is main person who growth our daily life to provide food. We are trying helping them for better education and better knowledge for farming and trying  to provide some financial help. 

Eye is main organ on our body, without eye very difficult to survive in world. Our organization trying to provide knowledge to "how to take care your eye."  we are organize eye health camp.

We are provide home, education, food, drees for orphan.

We are trusted charity fund not corruption

To work with marginalized section of the society the SC, Minorities, tribal, women and specially Children to empower and enable them to evolve a vision of an alternative society including alternate models of social and economic relations and alternate development paradigm.

Vision Of The Organization

The NGO serves various people with no partialities among the people. Also we support children education and we serve with the society during the natural calamities period. To empower every individual with knowledge and confidence.

We are always waiting for your helping hands, human service is the greatest religion